The Nun 2 Trailer

The Nun 2 Trailer

Get ready to be terrified once again as The Nun 2 brings back Valak, the beloved demonic nun, to haunt our screens in cinemas. Serving as the sequel to The Conjuring 2 spin-off prequel—fitting into the expansive Conjuring timeline—this upcoming horror film has garnered intense initial reactions and is set to hit theaters on September 8.

The Nun 2 trailer

Curious about what lies ahead in The Nun II? Here’s a comprehensive rundown of everything you should anticipate in this chilling sequel.

Warner Bros released the Nun 2 trailer on July 6, 2023, revealing the first look at the return of Valak.

If you missed it above, you can watch it below:

Returning for The Nun 2, we have Taissa Farmiga from American Horror Story reprising her role as Sister Irene. Joining her is Jonas Bloquet, who will once again portray Maurice ‘Frenchie’ Theriault.

Unfortunately, it seems Demián Bichir won’t reprise his role as Father Burke in this installment.

But fear not, Bonnie Aarons will return as Valak because, let’s face it, a Nun movie wouldn’t be complete without this chilling character.

Joining the cast for the sequel are newcomers Storm Reid from Euphoria and The Suicide Squad, along with Anna Popplewell and Katelyn Rose Downey.

Heading the production of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, director Michael Chaves takes the reins behind the scenes. Akela Cooper helms the script, with revisions by Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing.

The Nun 2 trailer

Cooper’s involvement is particularly exciting for fans, given her work on Malignant and M3GAN.

In the first Nun movie, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga made appearances as Ed and Lorraine Warren through archive footage from The Conjuring, tying Frenchie to the exorcism seen in the initial film.

Will we witness a more substantial presence of the Warrens in the sequel? There’s a persistent fan theory suggesting that Sister Irene might be a younger version of Lorraine, making the sequel a potential platform to confirm or debunk this speculation.

In August 2017, Wan mentioned, ‘I do have an idea of where The Nun 2 could go if the first film is successful, tying it back to Lorraine’s story from the first two Conjurings and completing the full circle.’

Could the answer have been right in front of us all along?

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The Nun 2 plot: What’s The Nun 2 about?

Accompanying the initial trailer, we received the official plot summary for The Nun 2:

“In 1956 France, a priest is murdered, and a malevolent force begins to spread. This highly anticipated sequel follows Sister Irene as she once again confronts Valak, the demonic nun.”

While specifics about other connections to the Conjuring series remain undisclosed, Chaves hinted at surprises in store for fans.

The Nun 2 trailer

“Viewers familiar with the first Conjuring film know that Maurice becomes possessed and later undergoes an exorcism by the Warrens, set in the late ’60s within the Conjuring timeline,” he elaborated.

We’re in the ’50s here, so we’re not quite at that point yet. What unfolds between these events adds more depth to that storyline.

“There are other significant concepts and bold moves in this sequel, packed with plenty of intriguing Easter eggs. Without spoiling anything, it further expands the narrative and the broader scope.