Vijayakanth’s Solo Stint at Clock Tower Unveiled After 28 Years Without a Stunt Double…

Nearly three decades later, fans were astonished to discover that the iconic actor Vijayakanth performed scenes without a stunt double, courtesy of the production company AVM, in the blockbuster film ‘Sethupathi IPS’ released back in 1994.

The climax unfolds as the terrorists work to disarm the bomb hidden within Chennai’s clock tower. Shockingly, it has been unveiled that every scene featuring Vijayakanth’s character scaling the tower and manipulating its massive clock hands was captured without the use of stunt doubles. Accompanying this revelation, photos documenting these moments have also surfaced.

The film ‘Sethupathi IPS’ featuring Vijayakanth boasted gripping action sequences. Viewers initially presumed that the scenes depicting the ascent of the clock tower in police attire were executed using stunt doubles. However, Vijayakanth surprised audiences by performing a daring, adventurous scene without the assistance of a safety rope.

Portraying a police superintendent, Vijayakanth starred in the movie directed by P. Vasu, alongside Meena as the leading lady. Regarded as one of Vijayakanth’s blockbuster hits from the 1990s, the film revolves around a police officer’s battle against terrorism.

Among other cast members were Nambiar, Srividya, Kaveri, Delhi Ganesh, Kovai Sarala, Tyagu, Goundamani, and more.

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