Artists who gave trending songs 2023

AP Dhillon – With You

AP Dhillon is a Canadian-born Punjabi singer and songwriter known for his contributions to the Punjabi music scene. His music often blends traditional Punjabi folk elements with modern sounds, creating a unique and catchy style. Dhillon gained widespread recognition for his tracks that feature energetic beats, captivating melodies, and relatable lyrics, making him a rising star in the world of Punjabi music. He has garnered a considerable fan base, particularly among the youth, and continues to leave a significant impact on the Punjabi music industry with his dynamic and innovative approach to music.

Stebin Ben – Tu Mile Dil Khile

Stebin Ben is an Indian playback singer and songwriter recognized for his versatile vocal abilities across various genres. He gained prominence for his soulful renditions and has contributed to the Indian music industry with his melodious voice and emotive performances. Known for delivering heartfelt tracks with depth and emotion, Stebin Ben has amassed a dedicated fan base through his captivating singing style. His repertoire includes songs that evoke strong emotions, making him a notable name in the realm of contemporary Indian music.

Shubh – Cheques

Shubh, an Indian Punjabi singer, was born on August 10, 1998, in Punjab. He later relocated to Canada and kickstarted his singing career from there. In 2021, Shubh debuted with his song ‘We Rollin’, amassing over 100 million views on YouTube. Following this success, he continued to release several hit tracks including ‘Still Rollin’, ‘Cheques’, ‘Dior’, ‘Offshore’, ‘One Love’, ‘Elevated’, and more, all of which have garnered massive popularity and acclaim.

Jasleen Royal – Heeriye
Jasleen Royal is an Indian singer-songwriter known for her versatile talent in the music industry. She gained prominence after her appearance and success on the reality show “India’s Got Talent” and later marked her presence in Bollywood with her soulful and melodious voice. Royal is recognized for her ability to infuse folk and contemporary elements in her music, creating a unique blend that resonates with audiences. Her compositions often carry a distinct charm, capturing emotions effortlessly. With her musical prowess, she has contributed to various soundtracks in Indian cinema, showcasing her skillful singing and songwriting abilities.
King – Maan Meri Jaan

Riar Saab – Obsessed

Riar Saab has swiftly risen as a social media sensation and a burgeoning Punjabi singer, gaining fame particularly for his track, ‘Obsessed’. With a burgeoning Instagram following of 22.6k, his social presence is on a rapid ascent. Recently, the artist wowed audiences at a concert in Chandigarh, receiving overwhelming adoration.

‘Obsessed’ has become a viral hit, flooding Instagram streams. Not only micro-influencers but also Bollywood stars have incorporated the song into their posts, notably for GRWM (Get Ready With Me) sessions. Over 131k reels on Instagram have featured this track, attesting to its popularity. Riar Saab has garnered praise from netizens for consistently introducing captivating new songs, receiving a positive response across the board.

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