Masterchef india 2023

Masterchef india 2023 contestants

The globally acclaimed cooking show returns to India for its 8th season, presenting a fresh lineup of home chefs with intricate culinary hurdles to conquer. Dive deeper into the showdown between this year’s contenders.


MasterChef, originating in Australia, has evolved into a worldwide cooking show sensation with multiple regional adaptations. MasterChef India, debuting in 2010, has notably propelled several budding talents in India’s culinary realm, including Pankaj Bhadouria, Natasha Gandhi, and Oindrala Bala. Season 8 marks the show’s return this year, introducing a fresh lineup of aspiring chefs eager to impress the judges with their culinary masterpieces.

Harish Closepet

A 58-year-old entrepreneur from Bangalore, Harish embarked on a culinary journey after a career in business. Renowned for his platform, Harry’s Lunchbox, he showcases nutritious, easy-to-make dishes inspired by cooking for his daughter and wife.

Kaushalya Choudhary

Hailing from Bhopalgarh, Jaipur, Kaushalya has garnered a strong social media following for her traditional recipes and fervor for Marwadi cuisine. As a YouTube sensation with over a million followers, she imparts the art of cooking and family recipes.

Kenneth G

At just 18, Kenneth, known as Kenny, is among the youngest chefs ever to grace the MasterChef India kitchen. Despite his youthful age, his ardor for cooking surpasses expectations, setting him apart in the culinary sphere.

Kriti Dhiman

A 23-year-old home baker from Gobindgarh, Punjab, Kriti’s passion lies in baking delectable treats for her family. Her expertise in desserts is set to captivate the judges this season.

Mohammed Aashiq

Hailing from Mangalore, 24-year-old Mohammed harbors a lifelong love for food. Although unable to pursue his dream of hotel management due to financial constraints, he showcased his creativity as an entrepreneur with his juice shop. Now, he returns to the MasterChef kitchen to display his culinary skills.

Nambie Jessica S. Marak

Originally from Meghalaya, this 30-year-old school principal is dedicated to sharing the culinary wonders of her native Khasi tribal cuisine. Her expertise has earned her recognition on social media, highlighted by the hashtag #TheTribalChef.

Nidhi Sharma

Hailing from Solan, Himachal Pradesh, Nidhi, a Bank Manager, aspires to showcase the depth and intricacy of Himachali cuisine. Her passion highlights the complexity and heartfelt essence of this seemingly simple culinary tradition.

Prachi Agarkar

Transitioning from a business management and human resources background, Prachi’s true calling lies in the realm of cooking. Proudly representing Maharashtrian cuisine, this Mumbai local aims to elevate her regional culinary heritage onto the global stage.

Dr. Rukhsaar Sayeed

With a PhD in food technology and leading as an entrepreneur at Khalis Food, this Kashmiri native breaks barriers by becoming the first woman from her state to grace the MasterChef kitchen. Her focus on nutritious and delectable creations showcases her culinary prowess.

Subhojit Sen

Kolkata holds a special place in the heart of contestant Subhojit Sen, who embodies the city’s essence in his culinary journey. Inspired by school days witnessing street vendors crafting delicacies, he immersed himself in the culinary arts.

Suraj Thapa

A 28-year-old home baker and BSc graduate from Siliguri, Suraj’s culinary passion blossomed in a modest room. His humble beginnings led him to explore flavors and innovation, finding solace and creativity in the kitchen, especially during lockdowns.

Sima Ahmed

Living her dream at 57, Sima, a pop-up chef from Kolkata, cherishes her love for food and the aspiration to compete in MasterChef. Her expertise lies in cooking traditional Awadhi recipes from her hometown of Faizabad, reflecting her dedication to culinary heritage.