Salman Khan unveils the top 3 contestants on Bigg Boss 17, with Munawar eliminated.

Salman Khan organizes a ‘Popularity Task’ in the upcoming episode, where housemates must nominate the contestant they believe is the most popular.

big boss 17 elimination┬áIn Mumbai, Bigg Boss stands as India’s most beloved reality TV show, propelling many participants to gain followers. Hosted by superstar Salman Khan, fans eagerly anticipate every update. Khan engages with contestants on ‘Weekend Ka Vaar,’ each episode unveiling something thrilling about the show.

In the upcoming episode, Khan will unveil the audience’s favorite contestants, revealing Munawar Farooqui surprisingly absent from the list. Conducting a ‘Popularity Task,’ housemates nominate who they perceive as the most popular. Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel emerge as the winners after the votes are tallied.

Undoubtedly, Abhishek Kumar and Munawar Faruqui reign as audience favorites, a fact Khan acknowledges later in the episode. Faruqui, also the winner of the ‘Lock Upp’ show in 2022, boasts a massive fan base and holds a top spot among Bigg Boss Season 17 participants.

The excitement lingers as we await to see who will claim the trophy this year.

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