Twinkle Khanna Shares Experience of an ‘Existential Crisis’ Approaching 50: Reflects on Challenges Women Face with Aging

Twinkle Khanna recently wrote a thought-provoking column for The Times of India, reflecting on the unique challenges that women face as they approach 50. She discussed how society’s emphasis on appearance can make the aging process more difficult for women compared to men.

In her column, Twinkle shared a surprising revelation about her testosterone levels dropping to zero during a routine blood test. She humorously looked back on her past jokes about having high testosterone levels and how she has now entered a more low-energy phase.

'existential crisis’ on the thought of turning 50 Twinkle expressed her existential crisis about turning 50 and highlighted the double standards placed on women’s appearances versus men’s. She pointed out that men’s self-esteem and power are not as closely tied to their physical appearance as women’s tend to be.

On Instagram, Twinkle shared a snippet of her column and also announced her new book, ‘Welcome to Paradise.’ She recently completed a master’s degree in Fiction Writing from Goldsmiths, University of London. As she approaches her 49th birthday on December 29, Twinkle continues to navigate and comment on the nuanced experiences of aging in today’s society.