Neena Gupta’s Perspective: ‘If It’s Not Made, It Doesn’t Exist…

Neena Gupta speaks on daughter Masaba’s divorce, calls feminism useless

Neena gupta daughter

Neena Gupta, a prominent figure in Bollywood, stands out as one of the industry’s finest actresses known for her candid nature. Her openness in expressing opinions on various issues is a notable trait. Recently, she addressed her daughter Masaba’s divorce along with several personal revelations. The videos featuring their conversation are rapidly gaining viral traction.

Neena Gupta expressed profound sorrow, mentioning her disbelief over the turn of events as she and her husband were deeply in love. She acknowledged Mantena’s inherent goodness, stating, “If it didn’t work out, it just didn’t.” Recounting Masaba’s reaction, Gupta revealed her daughter’s initial state of shock lasting a month, marking an incredibly challenging period. According to her, certain aspects of life aren’t within one’s control but rather are a part of someone else’s journey.

Masaba, Neena Gupta’s daughter from her relationship with West Indies cricket legend Vivian Richards, tied the knot with Satyadeep Mishra after her divorce from Madhu Mantena earlier this year. Masaba’s marriage to Mantena in 2015 ended in 2019, followed by her union with actor Satyadeep Mishra on January 27, 2023.

Regarding feminism, Neena Gupta emphasized steering clear of unnecessary gender battles. She advocated for women to prioritize financial independence, regardless of their roles as homemakers, asserting their significance. Gupta urged women to elevate their self-worth, discouraging feelings of inferiority, emphasizing that true equality isn’t plausible given inherent biological differences.


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