Warning Signals: Salaar Makers Threaten Withdrawal from PVR

In a surprising development, indications suggest that Salaar’s team plans to withdraw the film’s release from PVR, INOX, and Miraj multiplex chains in South India.

Reports indicate that Salaar’s team is refusing to provide content to national multiplex chains, citing alleged unfair trade practices in their North Indian properties. Allegedly, several theaters in the North are exclusively scheduling showtimes for Dunki, displaying little interest in accommodating Salaar. For instance, a PVR INOX single screen in Mumbai has allocated all its slots to Dunki, neglecting Salaar entirely.

salaar It appears that more theaters in the North might follow suit. Salaar’s argument revolves around the National Multiplexes not allocating screens despite higher demand for Salaar compared to Dunki. Losing Salaar in the South signifies a substantial revenue loss for these Multiplex Chains, which they can ill afford.

Simultaneously, these Multiplexes contribute significantly to the gross revenue in many areas, making it crucial for Salaar as well. Negotiations to resolve this deadlock are likely to take place.

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