The ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ trailer has been released ahead of schedule due to a leak. When can we expect the highly anticipated video game to launch?

‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ trailer

The trailer, posted on the company’s YouTube channel, unveiled that “GTA VI” is set to launch in 2025, following a leak on social media.

GTA 6 trailer

Take-Two Interactive Software’s Rockstar Games has finally put an end to the long wait by releasing the trailer for the latest installment in the much-loved “Grand Theft Auto” (GTA) series on Monday. The trailer, which was showcased on the company’s YouTube channel, revealed that “GTA VI” is scheduled for release in 2025, after details were leaked on social media. Fans have been eagerly anticipating this game for almost a decade.

The trailer introduces the game’s first female protagonist, Lucia, whose journey begins in prison. It confirms the setting in Vice City, a detail anticipated by series fans and still thrilling to see revealed. Alongside quick glimpses of criminal activities, the trailer hints at integrating social media, showcasing TikTok snippets and live streams, suggesting their role in the game.

Set to Tom Petty’s “Love Is a Long Road,” the trailer perfectly accompanies numerous car-related crimes. The Florida backdrop includes unexpected appearances by alligators, adding to the atmosphere.

The closing scenes offer more insight into Lucia, alongside a male character, seemingly partners in both love and crime.

This teaser arrives more than a decade after the previous installment’s release and coincides with Rockstar Games’ 25th anniversary.

Experts in the industry expect the upcoming title to be a massive hit, forecasting billions in yearly sales.

A cyber breach in the previous year led to the unveiling of several development videos for “GTA VI,” revealing scenes involving heists, combat, and open-world driving. This leak stands as one of the most substantial in gaming history.

Watch the trailer here