A new participant joins Bigg Boss 17: Details and pictures revealed

Bigg Boss 17

Mumbai: Bigg Boss 17 continues to surprise viewers with unexpected twists and turns right from its inception. The creators are diligently working to maintain an engaging atmosphere by introducing wildcard entrants, reshuffling spaces, and incorporating fresh surprises regularly.

During the show’s second week, Samarth and Manasvi entered as wildcard contestants, injecting renewed vigor into the dynamics. Now, social media buzzes with news from the show’s creators, hinting at a third wildcard entry, promising heightened drama and entertainment.

Aoora Makes an Entrance into Bigg Boss 17 as a Wildcard Contestant
In an unforeseen move, Bigg Boss 17 gears up for another wildcard entry, this time featuring K-pop sensation Aoora. The show’s producers made the official announcement on social media, amplifying the anticipation and adding an exciting new dimension to an already eventful season.


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Aoora, a well-known K-pop singer and former member of the popular K-pop Boy group Double-A, is poised to join the Bigg Boss house. Fans initially anticipated his arrival in the first week of December, but unforeseen circumstances led to a delay in his entry.

The talented artist isn’t unfamiliar to the Indian audience, having left an impression with his Hindi song creations. Among his notable works is a special rendition of the song “Jimmy Jimmy” featuring Bollywood legend Mithun Chakravorty, which resonated with many. He boasts a following of 468K on Instagram

As viewers eagerly anticipate his arrival, the burning question remains: How will Aoora shake things up inside the Bigg Boss house?


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