Insightful Peek into Pooja Sawant’s Future In-Laws: The Story of Siddhesh’s Parents and Her Cinematic Journey

Pooja Sawant, known for her role in ‘Dagli Chaal’, is preparing for her upcoming wedding. Recently, she delighted fans by sharing Instagram pictures with her soon-to-be husband. In a recent interview with Lokmat Filmi, Pooja opened up about her future in-laws, highlighting her upcoming arranged marriage.

Her fiancé, Siddesh Chavan, currently resides in Australia for work. Speaking about her prospective mother-in-law, Pooja expressed fondness, saying, “I truly adore my future mother-in-law. She’s incredibly kind and knowledgeable about my films. She keeps track of my work, performances—sometimes, I feel she knows more about my work than Siddesh does.

pooja sawant Pooja emphasized, ‘Just like my parents have always supported and encouraged me, Siddesh’s parents do the same. My mother-in-law takes great pride in the recognition I’ve earned in this industry.

It’s crucial for any relationship that everyone respects your work because, when you marry someone, you become a part of the entire family. Hence, I believe family support is vital in everyone’s life, and my in-laws are incredibly supportive.’

She also shared, ‘When I met Siddesh, I spent time with his parents, his younger brother, and his sister-in-law—we all stayed together. The experience was so warm that I never felt like I was with any other family. His family is truly wonderful,’ Pooja expressed.